kacperks's personal website

My name is Kacper Kostka and I'm a programmer from Poland. Im also interested in Electronics, Skateboaring , Physics and Chemistry.

Member of cube software group

Check out my hardware projects or articles & tutorials

Some Software Projects I'm proud of:

  • Fractal Engine 3D OpenGL Game Engine written in C++
  • Farmers League 2D platformer sandbox game written in C# for a test of the unity engine
  • SussyCraft Sussy android voxel game based on the Minetest engine
  • Voxeler advanced raytracing based voxel game & engine (WIP and not public yet)
  • Contact

  • github(i dont use it often anymore) & cubesoft gitea
  • matrix : @kacperks1:matrix.org
  • discord : kacperks#7803
  • email : kacperks@cubesoftware.xyz
  • reddit: u/kacperks1
  • Polish youtube channel

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