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My name is Kacper Kostka and I'm a programmer from Poland. Im also interested in Electronics, Skateboaring , Physics and Chemistry.

Member of cube software group

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Some Software Projects

  • Fractal Engine 3D OpenGL Game Engine written in C++
  • Farmers League 2D platformer sandbox game written in C# for a test of the unity engine
  • Voxeler Community based 3D online game based on my custom game engine Fractal Engine (not public yet. will be realesed under MIT License, beta testing starts at the end of the year!)
  • Sovnat-GBI the International Database Of Geographical, Building, and Land Feature Information.(not public yet. will be realesed under MIT License)
  • Contact

  • github & gitlab
  • matrix : @kacperks1:matrix.org
  • email : kacperks@cubesoftware.xyz
  • reddit: u/kacperks1
  • Polish youtube channel

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